About Experienced Furniture Upholsterers in Danvers, MA

Put your faith in third-generation furniture upholsterers that care about your pieces. Since 1920, Upright Upholstery Inc. has supplied the best in modern and antique reupholstering, along with services for boats and automobiles. When you choose us, you receive personalized attention from a team of masters.

A History of Upholstery

UpRight Upholstery's story begins with grandfather Abraham Curewitz, who worked for several Boston-based upholstery companies. He attempted to establish better working conditions for factory employees through the formation of an upholstery union. Later, he founded Homestead Shops, Inc., a full-service upholstery company in Winchester, Massachusetts.
Abraham's son, Larry, assumed responsibility for the company in the 1970s. In the late '80s, Larry's son, Steven, established UpRight Upholstery in Danvers, Massachusetts. Today, we continue to operate as a family-owned business. The fourth generation, Steven's sons, often assist their father with current projects.
Owners photo - UpRight Upholstery in Danvers, MA
Contact our team of furniture upholsterers today to request antique furniture restoration, new upholstery design, or any one of our other personalized services.